Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome to People n Paws!

Our goal is to provide current, indepth information for a clearer path to a healthier life through a balanced immune system. This is a collaborative effort, total health service, founded to support, balance and boost you and/or your pets immune system in a natural and holistic way. We will recommend ways to balance the immune system to fight illnesses and even secure appointments with physicians/veterinarians and/or work with your current physicians/veterinarians for a totally integrated treatment.

You and your pet's immune system needs to stay in balance to fight any conditions or illness. When the immune system is under attack by life stressors such as emotional issues, depression, chemical exposures from food/water, obesity, viruses, bacteria, allergies, cancer or other medical conditions it can over or under react thereby losing its ability to fight off or correct the imbalance. When this happens illnesses arise or get worse. However, with dietary changes, nutritional supplements and/or other alternative treatments a balance can be achieved and maintained for a healthier, stronger and fuller life.